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4 weeks ago-
I am a collegiate athlete and have been working out at The Center for several years now. Their facility hosts some of the finest work out equipment in the area. With 24 hour access to the gym, it is easy to find a time to work out. The entire staff is extremely professional and add great motivation to anyone working out there. To top it off, they have great individual locker rooms and showers for after your work out. I would encourage anyone to use the center as their gym. I have been beyond satisfied with my experience there and I couldn't give any other place as high of a recommendation as what I would give The Center.

a week ago-
This is a great gym. I've been coming here for several months after trying some other gyms on the island. I couldn't be happier. The Center has the right equipment for a good workout plus it has friendly staff. I feel personally welcomed each time I come. I have never loved a gym experience - always felt out of place. The Center has made it easy for me to start working out without the awkwardness I felt at other gyms. If you are looking to start on the road to health and fitness, I would encourage you to start here.

2 weeks ago-
My wife and I have been members of The Center for Health & Fitness for many years. The facilities and staff are excellent and the housekeeping is superb. I particularly love the 24/7 feature of the Center. In addition to having a great gym so conveniently located, we love the fact that our family doctor, dermatologist and massage therapists are in the same facility. Doesn't get any more convenient than that!

a month ago-
The Center in my opinion is the best gym on Hilton Head. The 24 hour access makes it easy for me to fit a work out into my busy schedule. The facility is very clean, all the equipement is up to date and they have 3-4 showers for when you are done a hard workout. The Center has very friendly staff members and very knowledgeable one too! The Center is definitely worth looking into.

3 weeks ago-
I have been a member of the Center for Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance for 4.5 years. From the day I joined, I was welcomed into the "family" . I consider this gym to be what "Cheers" was as a bar. Everyone knows your name and cares about you. The trainers are top notch professionals with years of education and assistance under their belts. Each member has a program designed specifically to their individual needs. As a senior, I appreciate that my mobility and balance is reinforced. I would recommend this facility to anyone...young, old, or inbetween. It is my home away from home.

2 weeks ago-
Awesome Gym. I have been a member here for four years. The gym is never crowded, all the equipment works and best of all it's clean, even the private bathrooms with showers are spotless too. I attend this gym because of the mens bootcamp with Glen Carrigan.

3 weeks ago-
I really love The Center. It is a small gym, but it has everything you need to get in a great work out. It has great machines and many options for free weights/mat exercises. I like that they have private shower/dressing rooms and a relaxation room where you can cool down and stretch after a work out. The staff is friendly and the gym is clean. You really can't go wrong!

Cindy Kennedy

"I'm pleased to report that after 4 months of working out at The Center, I've lost 54 pounds and four sizes. The staff and regulars have cheered me on the entire way. I've never been to a fitness center that h
as been more like a group of friends or family. I would recommend The Center to anyone."  


 Meg Gallagher
"I have been working out at The Center for a couple weeks and (now) wonder what took me so long to join! After meeting with Holly and Jimmy to tour The Center and discuss goals, respectively, I began a free 10-day trial membership. During that time, Jimmy and Jakkie created a workout program based on my goals: upper body toning and overall definition. Within the 10-day trial, I lost 8 pounds and began to see and feel the difference immediately. I’m happy to say the positive results have continued with each week.  I highly recommend The Center. Josh and his team are knowledgeable, encouraging and friendly. They ensure the environment is built for success – your success!"    

Ben Swanson
I am 85 years old and have been at the The Center for Health & Fitness for just over one year going about 3 days a week. Among several benefits like flexibility & balance, I have also found it has helped my golf game a great deal. My handicap has dropped from 26 to 19 in the last 6 months, and I have added about 15 yard longer off the tee.  

Ron Lichti
While I was recovering from brain surgery last summer 2010, I was scheduled to visit Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for the winter months, which we have done for 10 + years. My goal was to improve balance, flexibility, and strength, all of which suffered significantly as a result of the surgery. I worked closely with owner Josh Itkor twice a week for three months and the results were tremendous! I also found Josh to be very knowledgeable, sensitive to my limitations, but focused on my goals. I would recommend him with no hesitations.   

Meredith Stanford

I have been an athlete all my life. I found myself not able to get motivated to work out or lose the "5" pounds we all want to lose. I met Jakkie over a year ago and had a long chat with her about my lack of motivation. She was very understanding and so knowledgeable about food and exercise. I started training with her and following her suggestions regarding meals...and now over a year later I have lost over 23 lbs and I feel better than I ever have!!    

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"The best gym on Hilton Head."
-Andrew S. July 2013

"Best gym on the island!"

-Jan 2013 Tripadviser

"Best fitness center on the island!"

- April 2012 Tripadviser

"Not just for weight loss."
- May 2013 Tripadviser

"I would encourage anyone to use The Center as their gym."

-Pete S. July 2013

"This is a great gym."
-Colleen S. July 2013